Camp 4 on the mountain slinging coffee exclusively for Biery-Witt Center

Mt. Crested Butte performing arts and events center getting close to financial goals

by Mark Reaman

No one is expecting the latest donation to the Biery-Witt Center (BWC) to put them over the $27 million goal line that ends the pledge drive, but it is innovative, intriguing and an out-of-the-box idea to help the Mt. Crested Butte performing arts and events center—and it involves beans, brew and java.

Al and Wythina Smith are stepping back from the Mt. Crested Butte Camp 4 Coffee location in Mountaineer Square and the BWC will be operating the shop, with all net proceeds going towards the project. The Smiths get to spend more time with their family and the BWC gets a unique revenue stream to help add to the growing pledge base for the building.

...The new Camp 4 Coffee collaboration provides incredible momentum for the Biery-Witt Center capital campaign, putting the organization so much closer to achieving its goal of building a state-of-the-art performing arts and events center that will serve to stimulate and diversify the economy, while enriching the lives of both area residents and visitors.”

“Our goal is to continue operating Camp 4 with the same professional staff,” said BWC President. “We have licensing agreements with Al and they will be providing the coffee. There might be small operating changes down the road but not much difference will be seen right now.”